Concluded for the first time with the national team of Benin on behalf of the 5th day of the Africa Cup of Nations, the neo squirrel playing in Germany to Hansa Rostock, gave a little of his time for an interview with Edgard BOKO editor of the site.

-Introduce yourself to the reader of the site 90mnfoot:

I am Cebio Soukou, born October 02, 1992 in Bochum in Germany, I currently live at FC Hansa Rostock

-How do you feel in your club?

At the moment i am very happy in my club, i am there since summer and like the stadium and the the fans realy much.

-What are your plans for the summer of 2019?

For the summer of 2019, I hope to get up with my club in the second division of the German league. We really want to be promoted at the end of the season and my big dream is to play the Africa Cup of Nations with my country

-What do you think of the Benin selection:

The selection is full with good players and its an honor for be to be a part of it.

-What do you feel after your first selection:

I am Just happy and proud

-Your goals?

I will do my best every match. In my head i want to score every match but we will if it happens.

-Did you have contact with some in the group?

The whole team is realy nice to me

-Do you feel like replacing sessegnon in the group?

I think it is not possible to replace Sessegnon, he is a very very good player. I am not the same player like him, i will play on my way i hope i can help the team like that.

-Do you feel a particular pressure?

Pressure doesnt exist it is just thinking. I love football and like to play so i dont feel pressure i feel happiness

-It’s the first time you come home

Yes its my first time in Benin and i am happy to be here at home

-Your last word

First of all, I want to thank you, as well as Jean-Paul HEMANKPAN, and all the readers of the 90mnfoot site without forgetting the Beninois sports public thanks.

Thank you to all those who allowed this interview with the neo squirrels a special thank you conferred Jean-Paul HEMANKPAN.

Interview conducted in English


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