Author of a very good season, the player passed by Avrankou Omnisports and As Thunder of Bohicon plans to put his bags elsewhere.
Of Ghanaian nationality, David Akinbobola is an attacker, able to evolve in tip as on the sides. With an impressive, athletic and fast physique, David is the kind of player who does not save himself in the effort
Author of 3 goals in 10 games with Avrankou Omnisports in the first phase of the championship, he found the net one time with the Bolithon As Tonnerre for six (06 Assists) in the last 5 meetings of the championship. flagship clubs of the city Carrefour.
Announced everywhere after his departure, he had finally committed for a few months with the Thunder ace for the second part of the Championship. Author of 4 goals and 6 assists in 22 games this season, he is now free and ready for a new challenge. Several clubs are already eyeing him and could be interested in his profile. Info to follow …


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